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ICSMR is one of the leading organizations in the field of sociological and marketing research in Azerbaijan.

The ICSMR has full technical (office space, facilities, technology, software) and managerial (efficient day-to-day management; supervision and controls over all stages of the survey research process by Directorate of ICSMR, Heads of Departments and Project Coordinators; effective coordination of various research activities; professional and well-coordinated work of team of highly-qualified researchers and experts, trained interviewers and field-work supervisors; proper technical assistance) capabilities to conduct all sociological and marketing surveys in accordance with highest international standards.

The ICSMR is a full-service research organization, which conducts the “full cycle” sociological and marketing surveys - from questionnaire design, sample design, pre-testing, fieldwork data collection and quality control to statistical data entry, verification and processing, comprehensive data analysis and interpretation, presentation of obtained results and analytical reports to the customers and clients.